CAIHR Offers New Postgraduate Diploma in collaboration with UWI Open Campus

Since January 2020 CAIHR has been offering the Postgraduate Diploma in Health Research and Epidemiology in collaboration with the UWI Open Campus.

This programme provides academics, clinicians, health care providers and other persons working in health care delivery, administration, industry or non-governmental organisations with the competences they need to become active participants in the process of knowledge creation and utilization in health.

In designing this programme we have incorporated the lessons we have learned from:

  • supervising undergraduate and postgraduate students at the University of the West Indies and
  • collaborating with University Faculty & persons employed in a variety of health care and administrative settings.

By offering the course through the UWI Open Campus distance learning platform we are able to accommodate persons who are interested in improving their skills in health research and epidemiology but are unable to commit to a full time training programme because of time or distance commitments.

Persons who are only interested in completing specific modules can be enrolled as specially admitted students. Students may also elect to transition from the Postgraduate Diploma to the MSc Epidemiology programme.

More information

For more information on the course outline and application details, visit the programme page here.