2022: LEGO – Reach Up: Global community and integration with health systems in Jamaica – Prof Susan Walker

This grant is intended to support the Child Development Research Group, CAIHR in the implementation of the Reach Up early childhood parenting programme in two areas;

Firstly, to continue to coordinate and strengthen the Reach Up Global Community. The UWI will host a series of webinars that can support knowledge exchange across countries that are currently implementing the Reach Up intervention, and continue to improve and offer capacity building workshops, including interpretation to Spanish, French and Arabic. UWI will conduct two virtual training workshops for program managers. The grant will also cover preparation and open access publication of three papers.

Lastly, to strengthen the Baby Matters programme, an adaptation of Reach Up, for the health system in Jamaica, through which the Jamaican government will have a tested approach that can be scaled through the primary health system, benefiting children aged birth to three who attend the health centers for well child visits. The pilot funded through this grant will reach 24 prioritized centers with an expected reach of approximately 120 health workers and 2,000 children who will benefit directly.

Investigators: Susan Walker, Principal Investigator

Sponsor: LEGO Foundation