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Dr Shelly McFarlane is a Lecturer at the Tropical Metabolism Research Unit of the Caribbean Institute of Health Research. She received her BSc. in Zoology/Chemistry from the University of the West Indies, Mona. She then pursued an MPhil in Diabetology at the Biochemistry Department of the University of the West Indies; after which she pursued her Doctor of Philosophy in Epidemiology at the Epidemiology Research Unit of the University of the West Indies.

Dr. McFarlane joined CAIHR in 2005. She has a wealth of experience as project coordinator, health researcher, and project manager for a number of large and small studies, including clinical trials. She has been a member of the investigator and management team large national surveys such as the Jamaica Health and Lifestyle Surveys II and III and the Jamaica Youth Risk and Resiliency Behaviour Survey 2006. She has been member of the team of investigators for multi-country studies such as the “Development and Implementation of Culture Sensitive Peer /Lay Diabetes Education Program for Adults with Type 2 Diabetes in Six English Speaking Caribbean Countries”, and “Congregations Taking Action Against NCDs”. More recently, she has had to meet the rigorous standards for good clinical practices as project coordinator/manager for clinical trials in several ground breaking studies carried out under the aegis of the Caribbean Institute for Medical Research.

She has a history of successful acquisition of grant funding to carry out research. She has been with the Caribbean Institute for Health Research for more than 10 years and has served as workshop facilitator for a number of basic and advanced research skills training workshops aimed at equipping health professionals and other persons seeking development of careers in research. She is an expert trainer in Effective Project Planning and Evaluation and Implementation Research and, in addition to proving training locally, has been called to provide training for persons in the wider Caribbean region, North and Central America and in Africa.

Research Interests

Her research interests include mental health in adolescence. She is also interested in developing clinical interventions using nutraceuticals to aid in the fight against chronic non communicable diseases.



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