Dr. Susan Chang-Lopez

Senior Lecturer

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Susan Chang-Lopez is a Senior Lecturer in the Epidemiology Research Unit, Tropical Medicine Research Institute and a member of the Child Development Group.

Dr Chang-Lopez has a BSc in Psychology from the University of Toronto, Canada and a MPhil (Psychology) and PhD (Nutrition) from the University of the West Indies, Mona. She has extensive training in the administration of numerous developmental test instruments. She has also been trained in observation techniques of mother-child interactions and children's play behaviours from Purdue University, USA.

Her research activities are focussed on the impact of low-cost psychosocial interventions on the cognitive, academic and behavioural development of at-risk children. Dr. Chang-Lopez has extensive experience in the adaptation of psychometric tests and other instruments in Jamaica and other developing countries and is responsible for the training of research assistants and project staff to administer these tests. She has trained health care providers and lay persons from around the world in delivery of cost effective early childhood stimulation techniques.

Research & Teaching Interests

Dr Chang-Lopez has a strong interest in optimizing the development of vulnerable children at any stage in the life course to improve their lives.


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