CAREER LINK UPS + Student Part-Time Employment & Internships


These provide UWI graduates the opportunity to share their professional knowledge and expertise with students in a 60 to 90 minute virtual conversation.

It is an interactive session open to students across the 4 UWI campuses, with a more informal tone, which allows them to ask about the professions, career paths, challenges, trends and tips that alumni may wish to share. 

Usually 3 or 4 alumni from different professions are the discussants and students log in from their computers to take part in the conversation.

The sessions are done in conjunction with the Career Directors of the 4 UWI campuses who also offer guidance.

Much positive feedback has been received as students shared with their peers and lecturers their new or newly reinforced ideas about career choices and the key ingredient for success in the world of work.

Graduates may indicate their willingness to participate by emailing:

SPECIAL THANKS: For the inaugural Virtual Career Link-Up - four alumni from Boston, New York and New Jersey, Howard Goode, Victor Brown, Delroy Taylor and Donovan Rodriques shared real world current career advice virtually across the region using the Open Campus system. Subject areas included business law, negotiation, biochemistry and biotechnology and hints about career choices and success in the world of work were also shared. The feedback was extremely positive. 



Please contact the Placement and Career Offices of The UWI if you or your company can offer Part-time Employment and Internship Programmes to UWI students. Help provide students with work experience while earning needed income to assist with tuition and other expenses.

We invite you  to submit any vacancies within your organizations (with details of the positions) to the appropriate campus Office of Placement and Career Services as follows: 

Cave Hill Campus

The Office of Student Services
Phone: (246)417-4165
Fax: (246)424-5348

Mona Campus

Student Services & Development Manager
Placement and Career Services
Email: / 
Fax: (876)977-3725

Open Campus

Student Support Services (Careers & Placement)
Tel:(876) 927-­1201
Fax:(876) 977-­3443
Or find contacts for a Campus site here:

St. Augustine Campus

Careers & Placement
Student Advisory Services
Tel/ext: (868)662-2002 ext.82360


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