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Young Alumni Advocates (YAA)

The Alumni Ambassadors of the UWI STAT Corps 

The Alumni Ambassadors of the UWI STAT  Corps are now the power behind the Young Alumni Advocates (YAA) and remain  - Committed to Caribbean Self- Reliance and Sustainablity" 



The YAA was officially launched on February 12, 2020. 

Objective: The YAA - i.e. alumni under 45 years of age, will operate regionally and internationally as an active resource network for each other and will promote alumni engagement and interact with their respective campuses.

Operations and Reporting: Under the Director of Alumni Relations, IAD, Vice Chancellery, The UWI Regional Headquarters, the Alumni Ambassadors will organize and lead the YAA and will work with and through the Director’s office to interface with the Centre, campuses and the UWIAA.  They will operate autonomously, but in a complimentary and supportive way. There will be an Advisory Board made up of Alumni Ambassadors which will serve for two years (comprising a Chair, Vice Chairs of Volunteerism. Outreach, Communications and Promotion and Finance and the Director of Alumni Relations as an ex-officio member).

Mandate: Mainly virtual, as well as face to face highly visible activities, to encourage continuous engagement with The UWI and Young Alumni in a structured way with the support of the Director and Campus Alumni Officers, including:

  • Meet Ups with alumni abroad when travelling arranged by Alumni Relations – IAD for the networking benefit of YAA Alumni Ambassador members and to promote awareness of alumni engagement and The UWI abroad 
  • Participation in the Alumni Engagement Programme as guest lecturers across the faculties, as well as the use and promotion of the Pelicans Engage App
  • Soft and Life Skills Speakers - sharing expertise, challenges, tips, articles with current students as lead or additional participants. 
  • Be or recommend alumni as speakers for Pelican Talks, UWItv and other media opportunities
  • Host an annual social event on each campus in association with the Director’s Office and the Campus Alumni Officers which promotes Pelican Pride and UWI entrepreneurs 
  • Participate in and support the UWI/YoPro Annual Networking Conference
  • Host an annual virtual Chill Chat Reunion – to hear about each other’s lives and ideas 
  • The Alumni Ambassadors will work with and through the IAD / UWIAA Chapters and visit any UWI campus, in order to share their experiences -  as scholarship winners (living in and visiting other countries) or as professionals giving real world advice or sharing information, in a relaxed and fun atmosphere.
  • Virtual and on island/country support and Mentorship of current UWI STAT Regional Corps

Campus Interaction:  The Campus Alumni Officer will meet with the Principal/Deputy Principal of the respective Campus:

  • to continually encourage the engagement of young alumni and the YAA
  • to ensure that the YAA plans support the campus priorities
  • to ensure that open communication is established and continues annually

all this - despite any changes which may occur from time to time in the Campus Administration or the YAA Advisory Board.  


Mentorship of current UWI STAT Ambassadors 



1. Periodic ZOOM "Link- Ups" - to get to know each other and share experiences, as well as to develop camaraderie with fellow Alumni Ambassadors from your own or other campses, across the globe. To create a network so that when visiting or moving to different cities or countries, fellow Alumni Ambassadors can give useful advice -  best place to eat, great doctor for kids, places to avoid as the service is bad or areas to avoid as they are dangerous, for example. 

2. Networking Mixers - professional mixers to make valuable connections professionally. - can be arranged with fellow Ambassadors - also invite co-workers and bosses to increase networks - in a particular country or city.


The first ever Chairpersons of the Advisory Board for the Alumni Ambassadors at Mona, Marissa Longsworth and Nicolette Wright, worked with their peers, Prunella Mungroo (St. Augustine) and Dario Welch (Cave Hill) to engage all the Alumni Ambassadors.  


Legacy Programme: The Alumni Ambassadors will work with the UWI Museum to help preserve the social history of the UCWI and UWI through the Oral History Legacy Programme . 

How?   By interviewing graduates in person, by phone or via ZOOM, to help find out the history and heritage of their Alma Mater and also encourage cross-generational connections. 

Guided by: 

  • UWI Museum Curator
  • Director of Alumni Relations for the UWI and UWI STAT Global Coordinator
  • Professor Mark Figueroa

This interesting and easy project will allow the Alumni Ambassadors to take part in preserving the history of the UWI through the stories and memories of graduates and retirees.




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