CIBC UWI Visa Card

Get the Card made just for you

The card that lets you donate to UWI at no cost, every time you spend!

CIBC now has an exclusive co-branded VISA credit card for UWI students, staff and alumni geared towards facilitating their professional and personal lifestyles.

UWI Visa Cardholders will benefit from this product by paying specially reduced annual fees and interest rates on each card product - Classic, Gold and Platinum. The card is currently available in Barbados and Jamaica but will soon be available regionally.

The UWI Visa Credit Card will also accommodate funding for the university's development, as every time an account is opened or renewed, AND every time the UWI Visa Credit Card is used to make a purchase, the UWI will be generating revenues to support its development.

For alumni, this card honours their academic achievements with valuable benefits and also benefits the University's development. Each time a cardholder makes a purchase with their UWI Visa Credit Card and every time an account is opened or renewed, the University will benefit financially, supporting its continued development.

NOTE: The UWI Visa Credit Card is available in Visa Classic, Gold and Platinum and offers many of the features and benefits which apply to each product.

Students will be given a Student Guide to the Wise Use of Credit Cards which will detail how to use the card responsibly. It will outline how to use the card as a financial tool, pitfalls commonly faced by students, helpful tips on how to use the card responsibly, and also give security pointers.

Cardholder Eligibility

The UWI Visa Credit card will only be made available to:

  • UWI Students (will be offered a secured credit card subject to special conditions)
  • UWI Alumni
  • UWI Staff (will be offered a pre-approved credit card subject to special conditions)

Main Feature/Benefit

  • Very attractive interest rate and annual fee
  • All the benefits of Visa products – on a worldwide basis!
  • Show your “Pelican Pride” and carry the UWI Visa Credit Card.

Click here to get the UWI Visa Credit Card TODAY!



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