Institute of International Relations (IIR)

The UWI Alumni Association (UWIAA) Institute of International Relations Alumni Association (IIRAA) welcomes you!


The UWIAA IIR Executive team (May 17, 2024 - Present):

President                                                          -           Ms Ria Toney
Vice–President                                                  -           Justice Anthony Gafoor
Secretary                                                           -           Ms Fayrial Mohipath
Treasurer                                                           -           Mr Christophe Cole
Marketing and Communications Officer            -           Ms Jennilynn Howe-Dopwell
Executive Committee Member                          -           Mr Waylon Joseph
Executive Committee Member                          -           Ms Shelly Ann Tirbanie


The UWIAA IIR Executive team (Founding Members): 

President                                                         -           Mrs Shauna Charles-Toussaint
Vice President                                                 -           Ms Jaya Mangar
Secretary                                                         -           Ms Coreen David
Treasurer                                                         -           Mr Christophe Cole
Marketing and Communications Officer          -           Ms Kashika Ragoonanan
Executive Committee Member                        -           Ms Kafi Nicholas

Interim Executive Committee Member            -           Mr Anthony Phillips-Spencer


The Executive team invites your involvement. They aim to help keep graduates of the IRR connected to the University, the Institute and each other. They know that IIR graduates can benefit from sharing their expertise and energies, and professionally also be able to contribute by guiding the Caribbean region’s public and private sectors in terms of the region’s international challenges and opportunities, within multidisciplinary fields ranging from finance, business and management to politics, history, economics, education, and law.


They want your ideas and suggestions! 

Contact the UWIAA IIR team at:

* Information can also be obtained from the staff and Director of the IIR (Dr. Annita Montoute) on the St. Augustine Campus. 


Significant Dates for the UWIAA IIR:

October 19, 2021 - Meeting with Prof. Jessica Byron - Director of the IIR to discuss the establishment of an IIR alumni Chapter.

October 26, 2022 - Acceptance of Official Registration of the IIR alumni Chapter by the Director of Alumni Relations - The UWI, Celia Davidson Francis 

November 15, 2022 - First Annual General Meeting and unveiling of IIR Alumni Logo 


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