Celebrating twenty years of impact

CAIHR celebrated its existence and impact with the staging of the CAIHR at 20 Symposium, held September 18 and 19, 2019.

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Expanding global reach

The Reach Up Early Childhood Parenting programme hosted its global partners at a three-day knowledge exchange meeting in Jamaica from November 6-8, 2019

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CAIHR selected for GHES Fellowship program

GHES (Global Health Equity Scholars) is a research training program for post-doctoral fellows, upper-level PhD students, and professional degree students (MD, DVM, DrPH, DDS, PharmD, Nursing).

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Our research themes

The primary role of CAIHR is the conduct of high quality research that can inform health policy, programmes and health care delivery for regional populations.

Early Life Exposures in Health and Development

This theme focuses on exposures that affect development, as well as on the effects of biological factors on growth.

Interventions, Evaluation and Implementation

With the rise of non-communicable chronic diseases, it is important to understand the determinants of health.

Biological Expression of Disease

The depth of research innovation is interrogated in order to understand how genetic factors influence sickness and disease.


A cadre of scientists. Primary healthcare clinics. Clinical nutritionists. Specialist trainers. CAIHR offers a range of services supported by dedicated professionals.


Academic Profiles

Meet your researchers: Dr Ishtar Govia carves out her own niche in holistic approaches in the care and treatment of chronic non-communicable diseases in the Caribbean. More

Public Engagement

CAIHR Encourages Social Responsibility: An inaugural CAIHR award was given to local fast-food chain Island Grill in recognition of its drive to to provide healthier cuisine. More