The Hemispheric University Consortium COIL Initiative

The Hemispheric University Consortium (HUC) was established in April 2018 and comprises fourteen institutions from across Latin America, the Caribbean and North America. The UWI is a founding member of the Consortium which offers opportunities for partnerships with member institutions on a wide range of projects. One such project is the HUC Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) initiative.

The HUC COIL initiative provide opportunities for students, faculty and researchers within the consortium to connect and collaborate in a virtual environment. The OOL works jointly with the UWI Latin-American-Carribean Centre to promote HUC COIL projects and encourage participation among UWI faculty.

Many interesting opportunities for both student and faculty collaborations have emerged. One such recent opportunity is the Hemispheric Student Dialogues on SDGs - a series of faculty-led virtual workshops which focus on subjects areas that centre around Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Students from across the member institutions participate in the workshops in a virtual collaborative environment. For details on UWI's recent contribution to this event, visit:

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