Graduate Studies and Research


The mandate of the University Office of Research (also referred as the Research Division of the School for Graduate Studies and Research) is to facilitate the development of research capacity and output at The UWI and transform the University into a more research-driven institution.

The Value of Research

Research ensures that:

  • The knowledge to drive economic growth and regional development is generated
  • Critical thinkers and regional leaders are produced
  • International recognition of The UWI is enhanced
  • Competitiveness in accessing international grants is increased
  • The quality and relevance of UWI teaching programmes are improved


What We Do

The following are some of the key responsibilities/foci of the Office of Research:

  • Inter-Campus and International Collaboration 
  • Researcher Development and Recognition 
  • Intellectual Property Protection and Commercialisation 
  • Research Policies and Procedures 
  • Research Funding 
  • Management of Research Institutes, Centres and Units
  • Research Cluster Development and Management
  • Regional Services

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The Office of Research manages and serves the following Committees:

  • UWI Research Ethics Committee 
  • Research Advisory Committee 
  • Quality Assurance Follow-Up Committee

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