The School was established in August 1996 in response to the need in the region for higher level advanced education, and the increasing emphasis that The UWI is placing upon graduate education and research as the defining strength of its academic portfolio. Without underestimating the importance of a strong undergraduate foundation, it is recognised that for developing countries to advance beyond the stage of  “developing”, education at the highest professional and academic levels, rooted in national, regional and international aspirations and standards, must not only be strengthened but must flourish. The ability to engage in fundamental as well as applied research, to ask critical questions and to seek novel, contextually appropriate yet universally applicable solutions, is an integral part of this process. The School for Graduate Studies & Research, therefore is mandated to set the broad policy framework and to monitor the implementation of these policies, aimed at fostering the development of internationally competitive but nationally and regionally pertinent research and graduate programmes. The School is now headed by the Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Graduate Studies and Research), at present Professor Stephan Gift. Read More >>>