Caribbean Quarterly

CQ 56, no. 4 (December 2010)

Pioneering Icons of Jamaican Popular Music, part 2 (Guest editor: Clinton Hutton)
Date Published: 
December, 2010

Introduction – Clinton Hutton


  • Distant Drums: The Unsung Contribution of African-Jamaican Percussion to Popular Music at Home and Abroad – Kenneth Bilby 
  • Oh Rudie: Jamaican Popular Music and the Narrative of Urban Badness in the Making of Postcolonial Society – Clinton Hutton
  • Naturally: The Crucial Contributions of Sonia Pottinger – Klive Walker
  • Don Drummond and the Philosophy of Music – Earl McKenzie
  • The Jones High Fidelity Audio Power Amplifier of 1947 – Hedley Jones
  • Merritone: Music from Morant Bay to the World – Neville Ying

POEMS – Mervyn Morris

  • “Studio”
  • “She Tells Herself”
  • “Exhibition”


  • Michelle M. Terrell, The Jewish Community of Early Colonial Nevis: A Historical Archaeological Study, reviewed by Daniel Livesay