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CQ Volume 66, No. 3 (September 2020)

Activist Women
Date Published: 
September, 2020



Editor’s note    /    339



Notebook   of No  Return  to  the  Native  Land    /    341

      Kelly  Sinnapah  Mary




Louise Langdon Norton Little, Mother of Malcolm X    /    346

      Merle Collins


Erna Brodber’s Rhetoric of Communal Responsibility in The Continent of Black Consciousness    /    370

      Rae Ann Meriwether


Reading Diaspora through Fractal Theory in Erna Brodber’s Nothing’s Mat    /    389

      A. Marie Sairsingh


Literature and Activism, Literature as Activism:Case Studies from Caribbean Women’s Writing in French -  Marie Chauvet, Edwidge Danticat, Yanick Lahens, Gisèle Pineau    /    405

      Betty Wilson




“The Study and the Den”    /    425

“Don’t Let the Boy Cut the Cane”    /    427

“After the Rain”    /    428

      Emily Zobel-Marshall





“Writing the Version I Carry in Me”: A Review of Nadège T. Clitandre’s Edwidge Danticat: The Haitian Diasporic Imaginary and Maxine Lavon Montgomery’s Conversations with Edwidge Danticat    /    429

      Keilah Mills


Citing Ourselves: On Saint Lucian Writers and Writing compiled by John Robert Lee

      Vladimir Lucien    /    437




John E. Drabinski and Marisa Parham, eds., Theorizing Glissant: Sites and Citations    /    443

      Reviewed by Thalles do Nascimento Castro


Erna Brodber, Moments of Cooperation and Incorporation: African American and African Jamaican Connections, 1782–1996    /    446

      Reviewed by Kaezia Mills


Monique A. Bedasse, Jah Kingdom: Rastafarians, Tanzania and Pan-Africanism in the Age of Decolonization    /    449

      Reviewed by Shelene Gomes


Jerome Teelucksingh, Civil Rights in America and the Caribbean, 1950s–2010s    /    452

      Reviewed by Freddy Marcin


Lisa Tomlinson, Una Marson    /    455

      Reviewed by Keilah Mills


Randy M. Browne, Surviving Slavery in the British Caribbean    /    458

      Reviewed by Walter C. Rucker


Colin Clarke, Mexico and the Caribbean under Castro’s Eyes: A Journal of Decolonization, State Formation and Democratization    /    461

      Reviewed by F.S.J. Ledgister



Contributors    /    464

Books for Review    /    466

Submission Guidelines    /    470