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CQ Volume 66, No. 2 (June 2020)

CRIME IN SELECTED CARIBBEAN TERRITORIES (Guest editors: Dylan Kerrigan and Paula Morgan)
Date Published: 
June, 2020




Editor’s Note  /    163



Historical Truths / New Narratives     /    165

                        LEASHO JOHNSON


Introduction: Crime in Selected Caribbean Territories - Culture and Representation    /    169  

                        DYLAN KERIGAN AND PAULA MORGAN, GUEST EDITORS                                                                                                                                                         





  • “Not Fit to Be Mentioned”: Ghosts and Narratives of Criminal Intimacies in Selected Short Stories from The Haunted Tropics: Caribbean Ghost Stories    /    177

                       HANNAH REGIS


  • Bobol as a Transhistorical Cultural Logic: The Coloniality of Corruption in Trinidad    /    195

                        DYLAN KERRIGAN    


  • Play Gene Miles! White-collar Crime, Whistleblowing and Popular Culture in Trinidad    /    217

                         RENÉE MARIA COZIER


  • “Killing Don’t Need No Reason”: Trauma and Criminality in A Brief History of Seven Killings   /  240

                          PAULA MORGAN


  • “Doh Go Dey”: Crime in Conversations with Gang Members in Trinidad    /    258

                         RENÉE FIGUERA


  • “Criminals, Taliban, Terrorists, Murderers”: Community Perceptions of Police in a Crime Hotspot in Trinidad    /    281

                         DANIELLE WATSON AND PAULA MORGAN


  • A Conflict of Values: The Potentialities of Retributive and Restorative Paradigms in Wilson Harris’s The Whole Armour     /    301

                          DARIN GIBSON





  • Anthony Harriott and Charles M. Katz, eds., Gangs in the Caribbean: Responses of State and Society    /    317

                           REVIEWED BY EUGENIA O’NEAL


  • Jennifer L. Palmer, Intimate Bonds: Family and Slavery in the French Atlantic    /    320

                            REVIEWED BY K. JAMES MYERS


  • Armando García de la Torre, José Martí and the Global Origins of Cuban

            Independence     /    323

                             REVIEWED BY KARL C.K. WATTS


  • Ruma Chopra, Almost Home: Maroons between Slavery and Freedom in Jamaica, Nova Scotia, and Sierra Leone    /    326

                             REVIEWED BY ALEX A. MOULTON


  • Ramesh Mallipeddi, Spectacular Suffering: Witnessing Slavery in the Eighteenth-Century British Atlantic    /    329

                             REVIEWED BY ANDREW KETTLER





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