University Office of Planning

UWI develops Policy to Guide Engagement with Industry

A ‘Draft Policy to Guide the Governance of the Engagement between The University of the West Indies and the Private Sector’ has been approved by the University Finance and General Purposes Committee (UF&GPC) meeting which was held, on June 1, 2018, at the Mona Campus.

The policy was also presented by the University Office of Planning, to the various Academic Boards of the campuses, over the month of September, and was successful in gaining their overall support to establish campus steering committees to monitor and evaluate UWI/private sector engagements.

The policy outlines a set of broad frameworks that will guide how the UWI interacts with industry. It is meant to enable the university to become more responsive and relevant to private sector demands and to ensure rapid turnover of outcomes in keeping with the business environment.

In addition, the policy is expected to bring some order and structure to the many UWI-industry engagements across the university while recognizing the need for campus specific engagements based on each campus country unique circumstances.