UWI Teaching & Learning Remotely


What technological skills do I need to have in order to take a class online?

You will need to possess basic computer literacy skills. You will need to be able to:

  • Communicate via email including sending attachments
  • Navigate the World Wide Web using a Web browser such as Firefox or Chrome
  • Use office applications such as Microsoft Office (or similar) to create documents
  • Be willing to learn how to communicate using a discussion board and upload assignments to a classroom website
  • Be comfortable uploading and downloading saved files
  • Be willing to learn to use a videoconferencing software, such as Zoom or Blackboard Collaborate through live orientation sessions or self-paced training.

Now that my classes are online, how will I be able to submit my assignments?  

Lecturers are in the process of finalising plans for assignments. Your lecturer will communicate with you via email or post information in the Moodle LMS about your assignments, including online submission procedures.  Depending on the assignment, you may be required to upload documents to a designated website, or even required to do a virtual presentation. Please be sure to check your email or Moodle for any updates on scheduled assignments.

What about final examinations, how will students be assessed?

The UWI has decided to move to alternative forms of assessment during the COVID-19 crisis. There will be no face-to-face proctored exams for semester 2 of academic year 2019/2020. You will receive information from your lecturers regarding the types of alternative assessment that will be used for your course(s).

How can I stay in touch with my instructor now that my class has transitioned online?  

Your lecturer will inform you of the preferred method of communication as well as provisions for virtual office hours. Make sure you pay attention to the times and follow the protocols stipulated by your lecturer.

Will the library still be available to me?

Library buildings will be closed in most locations until further notice. However, a wide range of resources are being made available online via UWIlinC.  

What if I am ill, or am otherwise unable to continue my classes online?  

You should contact your lecturer as soon as it is possible to do so in order that arrangements can be made for assignments and assessments. You will also be able to access the recordings of synchronous class sessions which you can play back at a later date. So, with access to content in Moodle plus the session recordings, you should not miss out on teaching events during illness. So just focus on getting well and resume classes when you recover.