University Office of Global Partnerships and Sustainable Futures

About Us

The Office of Global Partnerships and Sustainable Futures works to strengthen the university’s positioning and engagement with the 2030 global development agenda.

Under the current UWI Strategic Plan 2017-2022, the Office specifically contributes to the achievement of the following strategic objectives:

  • Promote greater activism and public advocacy
  • Increase and improve the academic/industry research partnerships
  • Establish a physical presence of The UWI on all continents

Some specific responsibilities of the Office of Development are leading, coordinating and/or contributing to initiatives that serve to:

  • Strengthen The UWI’s advocacy on development issues, the SDGs and the 2030 development agenda;
  • Support The UWI’s global outreach and presence in all regions;
  • Mobilize funding from multilateral development agencies in support of key strategic initiatives;
  • Support fundraising strategy development and execution for special projects such as The UWI’s 70th Anniversary Capital Campaign for the Faculty of Sport;
  • Increase awareness of The UWI’s research linked to the SDGs and the research agendas of development agencies;
  • Promote strategies for multidisciplinary research collaboration, knowledge exchange and stakeholder engagement for greater development impact;
  • Broker collaborative initiatives to foster greater translation of knowledge into new policies, practices and products;
  • Provide technical guidance to Departments on engaging multilateral development agencies, proposal development and reporting;
  • Serve as the institutional focal point for university collaborations with multilateral development agencies and strengthen partnerships for development through MOUs and other inter-institutional agreements.