Message from the Director, Office of Global Partnerships and Sustainable Futures

Translating knowledge into new policies, practices, and products is one of the key ways that The University of the West Indies (UWI) has been able to support climate change solutions.

Guided by our mission to advance Caribbean progress, and our support for the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, we have been able to expand our teaching, research, advocacy, and partnership agendas.

Collaboration drives us, and the UWI’s Office of Global Partnerships and Sustainable Futures has been pleased to see increased momentum among regional and global stakeholders.

Global warming has already wrecked damage upon the Caribbean. Natural disasters have mutated into unpredictable terrors. In their path, lives are lost. Livelihoods are lost. Infrastructure is lost. Progress made on developmental goals is lost.

The world must act now. Thankfully, research has shown that we can mitigate impacts if a concerted, global effort is made to reduce emissions.

In building resilience, The UWI has expanded teaching programmes to boost capacity. We are equipping a new generation of scientists, researchers, marine biologists, disaster experts, and even business people. Every sector must build climate-friendly policies into its systems.

We are thankful for our UWI network of students, professors, researchers, and agencies who live our mission of sustainability.

Years of research at The UWI provide a launchpad for cross-sector initiatives, and, in undertaking multidisciplinary research collaboration and stakeholder engagement, the University has been able to meaningfully contribute to development agencies’ research agendas. These now underpin global and regional policy.

The United Nations has recognised our role as a world-class research facility, and we continue to partner with them to achieve Sustainable Development Goal 13 on climate action.

Serving the Caribbean, and being an active, ethical, global citizen is our raison d'être for making significant contributions to climate solutions and resilience planning.

As you peruse this website, you will learn about research, publications and campus initiatives. You will see the results of our partnerships with regional agencies, the private sector, and development agencies, such as the UNDP, IDB, and the International Association of Universities. You will meet our youth advocates.

We all have a stake in our planet. Let us continue to work together.

Dr. Stacy Richards-Kennedy
The Office of Global Partnerships and Sustainable Futures