Global Teaching

Global teaching partnerships

Global teaching partnerships enhance and extend The UWI’s academic programmes’ reach. Two, main, global partnerships that achieve this are:

Expanding learning options

Aimed at providing thought leadership and expanding educational programmes related to climate change, the new Global Institute for Climate Smart and Resilience Development (GICSRD) harnesses the University’s teaching and research excellence. It will also:

  • Deliver special undergraduate programmes.
  • Conduct graduate-level scientific research.
  • Promote policy formulation.
  • Advance advocacy to facilitate the management of the region's development pathway.

Ultimately, the aim is to support transformative action – through education – for strengthening efforts and building more resilient and sustainable societies in the Caribbean.

SUNY-UWI Partnership

The SUNY-UWI Center for Leadership and Sustainable Development is a joint programme between SUNY’s Empire State College and The UWI Open Campus.

It offers a freshly minted postgraduate certificate. As the first programme designed under an MOU between The UWI and SUNY Empire State College, it paved the way for a dual-award degree and certification.

Building the knowledge and skills base on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), within the Caribbean and New York State, it exposes students to the concepts underlying economic development and issues related to achieving sustainable development at community and national levels. An online, distance-learning programme, it is a yearlong certificate and is comprised of five-courses.

The UWI leads two of the courses:

  • Concepts for Sustainable Development.
  • Ethics, Policy Formation and Governance.

SUNY Empire State College teaches three courses:

  • Principles of Community and Economic Development.
  • Leadership in Public and Non-Profit Organisations.
  • Stakeholder-sensitive Business Models.

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Online learning - Global access

In 2017, a collaboration with UNDP, PEMANDU Associates of Malaysia, and the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) led to a customised online course, Transformational Leadership to Achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

By building a cadre of Caribbean professionals trained in transformational leadership and the BFR Methodology, this course will help to correct implementation deficit challenges, thereby building stronger and more sustainable institutions in the Caribbean.

Designed by The UWI Open Campus and accessible to participants globally, this leadership course enables capacity building in the application of transformational leadership principles and the Big Fast Results (BFR) Methodology to overcome implementation challenges when executing inter-sectoral development programmes.

The short-term, 40-hour course covers core elements from the fields of leadership, results-based management, sustainable development and the execution of inter-sectoral projects.

Several governments in the Caribbean have already sponsored participants in this course, as it is considered critical to assisting countries with executing national programmes aimed at achieving SDG targets.

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