Green Energy Projects

Electric Vehicle Charging Station

In December 2019, the Faculty of Engineering at The UWI St. Augustine Campus created history when it launched its first Electric Vehicle Charging Station—in collaboration with Massy Motors, BELEC Power and Energy Solutions Limited, the Government Electrical Inspectorate (GEI) in the Ministry of Public Utilities, and the Electric Vehicle Company of Trinidad and Tobago. It is the first Level Two, 230-volt station in Trinidad and Tobago to be successfully installed and inspected by the GEI.

As the Caribbean Centre for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency’s hub for E-mobility, the St. Augustine Campus is leading the region in E-mobility research.  This project assists the Faculty of Engineering in further research on E-mobility, including the impact on the nation’s power system and the conversion of gasoline and diesel engines to electrical power trains. Future project plans include employing renewable energy technologies to power the electric charging stations.