A Public Health Training Powerhouse

The PHG delivers training programs to meet the urgent demand in the Caribbean to build capacity in public health and epidemiology, and the need for public health leadership. The aim of the training is to:

  • Promote population health and wellness, prevent illness, disability, and injury, and manage those living with disease
  • Contribute to the development, implementation and evaluation of efficient, effective and equitable health care systems through education, research, and service
  • Promote healthy public policy

Masters and Doctoral Programmes

The Masters in Public Health (MPH) is internationally recognized, meeting the curriculum requirements of the Association of Schools of Public Health (US based) and the UK Faculty of Public Health. Started in 2008, the programme encompasses core public health areas of epidemiology, biostatistics, environmental health science, healthy policy and management, social and behavioral sciences and research methodology, and includes interdisciplinary/cross cutting competencies in systems thinking, communication and informatics, leadership and professionalism.

The Doctorate in Public Health (DrPH), started by UWI in 2010, provides advanced professional training for developing health leaders. It is helping to equip public health professionals in the Caribbean with the skills they need for practice and research. The PHG and the GA-CDRC together are currently supporting 5 DrPH candidates with their research projects.

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Next-generation PhD Students

Current enrolment is nine Ph.D. students, five Doctorate in Public Health (DRPH) students, twenty-one project staff hired on research studies.

  • Natasha Sobers-Grannum

    Policy model to explain patterns
    of CHD

  • Ashley Henry
    Rachel Harris

    Dietary salt analysis in the
    Barbados population

  • Catherine Brown
    Angela Rose

    Cost burden of cardiovascular disease in Barbados

  • Kim Quimby
    Kim Quimby

    Hemoglobin scavenging pathways in hemolytic conditions

  • André Greenidge
    André Greenidge

    Wound healing (WHY study)
    in diabetes

  • Leonor Guariguata
    Leonor Guariguata

    System dynamics

  • Songee Branch
    Songee Branch

    Evolution of the HIV epidemic
    in Barbados

  • Christina Howitt
    Christina Howitt

    Physical activity in the Barbadian population

  • Kirk Douglas
    Kirk Douglas

    Viral Haemor-rhagic Fevers (VHFs)
    in Barbados

  • Carmeta Douglin
    Carmeta Douglin

    NCD Comorbidities in patients
    with HIV

  • Leslie Rollock
    Leslie Rollock

    Disparities in Access to Diabetes Care

  • Arthur Phillips
    Arthur Phillips

    Active transport in NCD prevention

  • Heather Harewood
    Heather Harewood

    Determinants and correlates of unintended pregnancy

  • Nicolette Roachford
    Dwayne Smith

    Risk of HIV / STI from
    heterosexual anal sex

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