About Us

The Chronic Disease Research Centre, recently renamed as The George Alleyne Chronic Disease Research Centre is a unit of the Caribbean Institute for Health Research based in Mona, Jamaica.


To see the Caribbean lead the world
in wellness.


To improve the health of the population through scientific endeavour.

The CDRC and Public Health: a Merger of Excellence

The CDRC and Public Health group formally agreed to work under a common vision and goals from March 2015, ahead of eventual cohabitation in the new "Population Health Sciences Building". In essence, the Public Health group will pick up where the CDRC leaves off, so that the combined entity will be able to drive research, policy and public health interventions…completing the journey from evidence to outcome. Find out more

Strategic Goals

  1. To conduct research in support of national and regional disease prevention & control policies & programmes. Aims include:
  • Surveillance of health outcomes & their determinants
  • Monitoring health systems & the quality of care
  • Developing & evaluating interventions
  • To contribute towards education & capacity-building to strengthen disease prevention & control. Aims include:
    • Developing regional observatories for surveillance & monitoring
    • Delivery of undergraduate & graduate education in Public Health
    • Training in research & laboratory skills
  • To investigate systems and pathways related to chronic disease. Aims include:
    • Linking behavioural exposures & intermediate biological endpoints in the chronic disease pathway
    • Identifying biological pathways & risk markers to create novel hypotheses
    • Understanding environmental & social determinants of behaviours in order to guide interventions
  • To identify & contribute to the reduction in disparities in health outcomes. Aims include:
    • Describing & monitoring health disparities between & within populations
    • Investigating underlying determinants of health disparities to guide healthy public policies
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