The study of the diagnosis, occurrence and cost of cardiovascular disease in Barbados (the DOC Study)

Project investigators:

Angela MC Rose (CDRC), Christina Howitt (CDRC), Ian R Hambleton (CDRC), Anselm JM Hennis (CDRC), Egbert Gibson (Barbados Reference Laboratory)


This is a large comparative study which will use BNR–Heart and BNR–Stroke registrants as cases, with a population-based non-case comparison group from the HoTN survey above. The DOC study aims to (a) improve acute MI diagnosis in Barbados, through estimation of reference population levels for cardiac biomarkers; (b) use registry data to describe occurrence of and deaths from acute MI and stroke in Barbados; and (c) estimate quality of life (QoL) and excess healthcare cost for acute MI and stroke in Barbados by comparing healthcare cost and QoL in cases vs non-cases.

Impact/expected impact:

It is anticipated that the DOC study will improve acute MI diagnosis in Barbados through the provision of mean reference levels for cardiac troponin, not yet known for this population. Knowledge of the economic cost of stroke and acute MI in Barbados will provide policy-makers with a tool for resource allocation when assessing future interventions for these cardiovascular diseases. It is also anticipated that the projected cost of Barbados‘ future healthcare burden if no timely prevention intervention programmes are implemented will encourage early and appropriate resource allocation.

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