Primary analysis for Standardized Hypertension Protocol Pilot

GA-CDRC Investigator:

Ian R. Hambleton (Principal Investigator)

Funding Obtained:

BBD $6,700 from Healthy Caribbean Coalition/Centers for Disease Control

Start Date:

July 2016

End Date:

June 2017



The Standardized Hypertension Treatment and Prevention Project (SHTP): Barbados Pilot is a multi-centre quality improvement initiative launched in April 2014. Implementation of SHTP in Barbados began in July 2014 at two MOH-funded clinics (Edgar Cochrane and Winston Scott) and included the application of a standardized treatment protocol, a core list of medications and the development of a hypertension registry. The pilot goals are to evaluate the SHTP implementation in a low-resource setting and to measure its cost-effectiveness to better inform national policy addressing the management of hypertension. The proportion of patients with blood pressure control at one visit or more had risen by 3.1 percentage points after 12 months of post-intervention follow-up, and had risen by 14.5 percentage points after 18 months of follow-up. The odds of being controlled during follow-up was 20% higher compared to baseline (odds ratio 1.20, 95% CI 1.02 to 1.42, p=0.03).

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