Levels of sodium intake and dietary patterns in adults in Barbados

GA-CDRC Investigators:

Nigel Unwin (Principal Investigator), Rachel Harris

Funding Obtained:

BDS 10,000 from UWI School of Graduate Studies and Research

Start Date:

October 2015

End Date:

January 2016



Barbados has some of the highest rates of chronic non-communicable diseases (NCDs) in both the Caribbean and the Americas. Specific aspects of diet, such as sodium (typically from sodium chloride i.e. salt) and overall dietary patterns are known to be major determinants of NCDs. Salt, for example, is a major contributor to raised blood pressure, stroke and heart disease. However, to date there are no robust published population based data on sodium intake and other aspects for adults in Barbados. The funding sought here is to analyse dietary data that have been collected as part of the Barbados Health of the Nation Study. This collection of the dietary data was funded by the Ministry of Health, but did not include funding for analysis.  These data are required to target health promotion measures aimed improving diet and reducing the burden of NCDs.
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