Inflammation Section, Perfusion Guidelines Writing Group: Evidence-based review carried out on behalf of the STS/SCA

Principal collaborators:

Clive Landis (CDRC); Prof. John Hammon (Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Centre; Head STS Perfusion Guidelines)


Prof. Landis was invited in Sept. 2009 to head the Inflammation Section of a more comprehensive review of clinical practice carried out by the STS/SCA Perfusion Guidelines Writing Group. The guidelines will produce ACC/AHA clinical recommendations on strategies to combat the systemic inflammatory response endorsed by the Society of Thoracic Surgeons (STS), the Society for Cardiovascular Anesthetists (SCA).


Search terms have been defined and inclusion/exclusion criteria identified. Abstracts meeting the criteria will be scored by multiple users using a unique ―Guideliner‖ on-line tool developed for this exercise at Flinders University, Australia.

Results/Expected Output:

The review will be conducted according to ACC/AHA guidelines and is expected to publish Results in 2011.

Impact/Expected Impact:

The review will produce clinical practice guidelines for the management of the systemic inflammatory response endorsed by the leading professional societies of the cardiothoracic surgery team. The guidelines will include American College of Cardiology/American Heart Association style clinical recommendations weighted according to evidence, and hence will impact best practice internationally.

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