Office of Global Affairs (OGA)



Traditionally, the rationale for internationalization at The UWI has included the enhancement of its international profile and reputation, the improvement of quality, increased income generation and the creation of strategic alliances, among others. More recently, The UWI has emphasized the concept of comprehensive internationalization that entails the embedding of international perspectives in all aspects of its mission and activities so that they shape the ethos of the institution and enable it to respond effectively to the challenges posed by the changing external environment.

The 2006 Report of the Chancellor’s Task Force on Governance had called for the establishment of a university-wide international office to drive the internationalization strategy, interface with and coordinate the efforts of relevant campus offices. 

Subsequently, in both the  Strategic Plan 2007-2012, and the Strategic Plan for 2012-2017, The UWI made it clear that it has embraced the concept of comprehensive internationalization. This led to the establishment of the Central Office of Regional and International Affairs in 2012, the operations of which were subsumed in the Office of Global Affairs in July 2016.

The 2017-2022 strategic plan envisages The UWI having a physical presence on all the continents and heightened collaboration and partnerships with tertiary level institutions across the globe.