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Conversations and plans for DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION have been underway for some time having been explicitly identified as an objective in our Triple A Strategic Plan (2017-2022) as AG5: Foster the digital transformation of The UWI. Since the start of 2020, the programme has been energized with the appointment of a new Steering Custodian and a core team that is committed to delivering tangible and pragmatic results to the University community.


Dr. Maurice Smith
University Registrar


The UWI is seeking to enhance its Caribbean regional value proposition by digitally consolidating and integrating its geographically distributed operations to achieve larger technology-enabled economies of both scale and scope, with increased and more equitable service, access and satisfactions levels across all jurisdictions of the University.

To put it simply, it is about consolidating our current structures and processes to maximise our collaborative synergies, agility, effectiveness and efficiency, so that we work smarter and deliver greater value to all our stakeholders.

The work model for the digital transformation programme is focused on optimising five mission-critical operations across the entire University system:

  • ACADEMICS (inclusive of all undergraduate, graduate, continuing and professional education, open and distance learning programmes and services);

  • KNOWLEDGE RESOURCE (comprising library, records and archival services);

  • TECHNOLOGY (involving infrastructural, network and application services);

  • FINANCE (encompassing bursarial services); and

  • ADMINISTRATION (related to HR, registrarial, examination, and student financial services).