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Research Methods in the Social Sciences SALI6012

This course seeks to enhance students capacity to conduct research projects .

Objectives: The primary objective of this course is to expose students to research methodologies in order to enhance their capacity to conduct research projects. The course is also designed to ensure that...

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Understanding Contemporary Society and Development: Theories of the Present SALI6200

This course will introduce students to the critical ferment and dissent that is present in theorizing and engaging with modern social change and development, drawing on literature that cuts across social spaces, geographies and history. It will provide students with an opportunity to develop and...

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Advanced Academic English Language Skills LANG6009

This course seeks to assist students to strengthen their written communication skills.

Objectives: to identify the main uses of writing, employ the main features of writing, meet the expectations of readers, use writing and reading for inquiry learning and

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The Global Political Economy SALI6205

This course aims to provide students with an appreciation of the main structures of global governance—state and non-state—and their evolution over time, so that they can better understand the congealing environment within which states and other actors operate. It also 2 facilitates general...

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Monitoring and Evaluation SALI6023 Course Content
Small States' Development: Challenges and Opportunities SALI6206

SALI6206 Small States’ Development: Challenges and Opportunities will be taught in SALISES Seminar Room on Tuesdays 5-8pm. DrJones will be joining the class virtually on Feb 18,2020.

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Social Investment in Children SALI6109


This course seeks to examine the critical social issues and social policy challenges in relation to children. The dimensions and causes of child vulnerability will be discussed within several theoretical frameworks. Current policies and programmes in...

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Specialized Research Methods -spss course SALI6052 Course Content
Techniques of Applied Social Statistical Analysis SALI6031 Course Content
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Research Paper SALI6060 Course Content