Derek Gordon Databank

The mandate of the Databank is to acquire raw numerical data from the Caribbean region, to facilitate social policy analysis. In addition the Databank provides an archival function because, in the past, much data from the Caribbean have been lost through poor archival practices. Although small, the Databank is proud of its collection of data sets, especially from Jamaica. Most of the data sets are from government agencies but the Databank also welcomes data sets from other organizations/researchers.

Production of Data sets
The Databank receives data sets in a variety of formats. We convert all data sets to SPSS format, label the data sets and carry out consistency checks before distributing the data. Although we store the data sets in SPSS we can make the data available in other software formats.

Distribution of Data sets
The Databank is authorized to distribute unrestricted data sets based on the following criteria:

  • applicant submits an abstract or a detailed description of any research project that will be using the data;
  • applicant must complete, sign and submit data application form to or
  • data sets obtained from the Databank must be used only for academic research or teaching;
  • the user informs the Databank of any errors in the data set;
  • the user does not pass the data set to other researchers without written permission from the Databank;
  • the user provides the Databank with at least one copy of any publication, paper or report produced based on the data set;
  • the user cites the data set in all reports emanating from use of the data set (See citation requirements on data application form)

N.B. Only questions / variables pertinent to your research will be provided (especially for large surveys with multiple records like the JSLC). If the data set/s are too large to be emailed, we will share a folder with the data set/s using Dropbox or Google Drive. The default data set format is SPSS. The Databank can provide the data set in other statistical formats such as STATA and SAS, however the process may be delayed for these formats.

Depositing a Data set
Depositing a data set has a number of benefits to the depositor including publicizing his/her work and long term preservation of the data. Guidelines are available for depositors. Also, a Data Deposit Form should be completed but the Databank will work with potential depositors to obtain the required information.