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S&ES Volume 6:1&2 [2020]

Title: Chinese Traders and Chinese Trade in Jamaica

Author: James Robertson

Title: Do We Have a Connection? Caribbean Engagement with Global Women’s Rights Norms

Author: Susanne Zwingel

Title: Who Belongs?: The Caribbean Court of Justice Reveals Caribbean Identity’s Inclusive Potentiality

Author: Gabrielle Elliott-Williams

Title: Neoliberalism and the ‘Homosexual Agenda’ in Jamaica: A Shiny Object for a Nation in Crisis

Author: Winnifred Brown-Glaude

Title: Testing the Export-Led Growth Hypothesis: The Case of Suriname

Authors: Nancy Fraser, Janice Narain and Gavin Ooft

Title: The Impact of the 1992 Investment Policy Reform on Growth in the Bahamas

Author: Kemie A. Jones

Title: Changing School Cultures from Within

Authors: Therese Ferguson, Tenesha Gordon, Shaughna-Lee Steel, and Dena Rae Samuels


S&ES Volume 69: 3&4 [2020]

Title: Living (and dying) At The edge of History: The Quest For Sustainable Caribbean Futures

Author: Patricia Northover

Title: Whither CSME? A Reply to the Golding Report

Author: Collin Constantine

Title: Surviving Fiscal Odysseys in the Caribbean

Authors: Ryan R. Peterson and Elmelynn Croes

Title: Updating the Elasticity Approach to Currency Depreciation: The Role of the Economic Structure

Authors: Vanus James and Carlos Hazel

Title: Foreign Capital Inflows and Caribbean Economies

Authors: Vanus James and Carlos Hazel

Title: Competing in the US Market: Central American Garment Assemblers

Authors: Dale T. Mathews

Title: Exploring Multidimensional Poverty with Rural Women in Jamaica

Author: Siddier Chambers

Title: Racialized Financial Exclusion in the Anglophone Caribbean

Author: Tamanisha J. John

Title: Sitting on the Fence: Positioning Swing Voters in Trinidad’s Ethnically Divided Society

Author: Seon Raymond

Title: Notes and Comments - Development of Jamaica Scale to Measure Fathering Identity: The Mandad Scale

Author: Patricia Anderson and Hubert Devonish


S&ES 68:1&2 [2019]

Title: Towards an Accurate and Comprehensive Understanding of W. Arthur Lewis's 1950s Caribbean Prescriptions.

Author: Mark Figueroa

Title: Introducing Economics and Social Sciences to UWI (1955-1962): W. Arthur Lewis’s Influence.

Author: Wilberne Persaud

Title: Estimating the Total Economic Value of La Pointe des Châteaux, Guadeloupe: A Contingent Valuation Approach.

Authors: Nlandu Mamingi, Alain Maurin and Jean-Gabriel Montauban

Title: Correlates of Delayed Sexual Initiation among Adolescent Girls.

Authors: Julian Devonish and Sharon Priestley

Title: Local Investment Rules for Aruban Pension Fund: A Simulation of Welfare Effects for Pension Participants.

Authors: Oliver Wojahn and Jorrit van Spaendonck

Title: Unearthing and Analyzing Data on Festivals in the Caribbean

Authors: Alain Maurin and Patrick Watson

Title: The Returns to Male Schooling in Trinidad and Tobago

Author: Roshnie Doon

S&ES 68:3&4 [2019] Special Reparations Issue

Title: The Reparation Movement: Greatest Political Tide of the Twenty-First Century

Author: Hilary McD. Beckles

Title: Women, Slavery and the Reparation Movement in the Caribbean

Authors: Verene A. Shephered and Ahmed Reid

Title: Rastafari Reparation as Part of the Caribbean Reparations Movement

Author: Michael Barnett

Title: The Psychological Trauma of Slavery: The Jamaican Case Study

Authors: Samantha Longman-Mills, Carole Mitchell and Wendel Abel

Title: An International Law Deconstruction of the Hegemonic Denial of the Right to Reparations

Author: Nora Wittmann

Title: British Universities and Caribbean Slavery

Author: Nicholas Draper

Title: How Long Are the Chains of Slavery in the United States? Estimates of the Intergenerational Effects for Black Males Between 1880-1930

Author: Gregory N. Price

Title: The Scandal of the British Slavery Abolition Act Loan

Author: Kris Manjapra

Title: Can Reparations Buy Growth? The Impact of Reparations Payments on Growth and Sustainable Development

Author: Stefan Richards