Congrats to our SALISES colleagues on their new publication

Congratulations to our SALISES colleagues Professor Corin Bailey, Dr. Dacia Leslie, Dr. Roy McCree, Dr. Latoya Lazarus, Dr. Natalie Dietrich Jones and Dr Arlene Bailey on their new publication.

Chapter 1|16 pages

Caribbean Qualitative Research in Historical Perspective

From Colonialism to Independence, 1953–2009
By Roy McCree


Chapter 3|20 pages

An Analytic Autoethnography of Recidivism as a Key Performance Indicator in a Caribbean Context

By Dacia Leslie

Chapter 4|17 pages

Narratives of Fear among Caribbean Men in University

A Qualitative Exploration of Fear of Crime Using the Free Association Narrative Method
By Corin Bailey

Chapter 10|17 pages

Caribbean Internet Exchange Points and Policy Implementation

A Case Study of Curaçao and Grenada
By Claire C. Craig, Roy McCree, Arlene Bailey

Chapter 11|18 pages

Deployment of Spirituality and Religion in Barbados during the Time of COVID-19

By Latoya Lazarus

Chapter 15|19 pages

Navigating Data “Silence(r)s”

Researching Migration in the Caribbean
By Shiva S. Mohan, Natalie Dietrich Jones

Chapter|7 pages


Towards a Decolonial Perspective on Qualitative Research
By Latoya Lazarus, Natalie Dietrich Jones



Extractivisim and Labour in the Caribbean


Edited By Dennis C. Canterbury 

Chapter 8|24 pages

Caribbean labour market outcomes of the COVID-19 pandemic

By Warren Benfield, Dacia L. Leslie