Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we need a Quality Policy?

Our Vision

"To be an excellent global university rooted in the Caribbean."

Our Mission

"To advance learning, create knowledge and foster innovation for the positive transformation of the Caribbean and the wider world."

A quality policy is necessary to enhance the experience of the entire UWI community, it:

  • provides a cohesive framework for quality enhancement and continuous quality improvement at The UWI
  • clearly outlines how quality is defined at the UWI so there is a common understanding and direction
  • provides the context and support for staff and students to take ownership of quality at the institution and help engender a culture of quality
  • supports the achievement of The UWI's Strategic Mission, Vision and Objectives
  • facilitates The UWI's continuing institutional and programme accreditation.
How will the Quality Policy impact the way we work and study?

In providing guidelines for how we plan, implement, evaluate and improve our work and our environment, the quality policy sets standards for staff and for the environment in which staff and students function at The UWI. Standards apply to all levels of staff including:

  • Academic Staff
  • Administrative, Technical and Support (ATS) Staff
  • Ancillary Staff
  • Members of Executive and Senior Management
  • Professional Staff
  • Senior Administrative Staff

The policy also applies to all academic and administrative operations which impact staff and students, namely:

  • The design and delivery of taught programmes and courses
  • Research and innovation
  • Administrative, financial, technical, professional and support services
  • Public and formal engagements
Who is responsible for 'Quality' at The UWI?

Quality is everyone's business – all staff and students across the University system are ultimately responsible for quality at UWI.

At the University and Campus levels however, specific Quality Management Teams with members from The UWI's highest offices have been appointed to oversee the workings of the quality management system.

The UWI Quality Management Team

  • Pro Vice-Chancellor, Board for Undergraduate Studies
  • Pro Vice-Chancellor, Board for Graduate Studies & Research
  • Pro Vice-Chancellor, Planning
  • All Deputy Principals
  • University Librarian
  • University Registrar
  • All Campus Registrars
  • Senior Assistant Registrar, Office of Administration
  • University Chief Information Officer
  • University Management Auditor
  • Representative, Quality Assurance Unit
  • Director of Alumni Relations
  • Representative, University Marketing & Communications
  • Student Representative

Campus Quality Management Teams

  • Deputy Principal
  • Campus Registrar
  • Campus Chief Information Officer
  • Student Representative
Campus teams are supported by the Campus Quality Assurance Officer, or by the Quality Assurance Unit Officer ex-officio.

Vice Chancellery/Centre Quality Management Team

  • All Pro Vice-Chancellors
  • Senior Assistant Registrar, Office of Administration
  • Quality Assurance Representative
  • Representative, Office of the Vice-Chancellor
  • University Chief Information Officer
As a staff member what is my role in Quality Assurance/Enhancement?

As a member of staff you can contribute to quality assurance and enhancement at The UWI in many ways including:

  • Becoming closely acquainted with strategic and operational plans and using them to help shape personal work objectives
  • Consulting and adhering to official UWI Policies and Procedures
  • Serving internal and external customers with excellence
  • Developing strategies for achieving desired work outcomes
  • Participating in and developing your own systems for performance management
  • Participating in feedback/data gathering initiatives e.g. Staff Satisfaction Surveys
  • Reporting quality concerns to the Quality Management Teams
As a student, what is my role in Quality Assurance/Enhancement?

As a current or past student it is in your interest that the University which issues your credentials is recognized as a high quality institution.

You can contribute to quality assurance and enhancement at The UWI in many ways including:

  • Providing course and programme feedback
  • Participating in institutional surveys e.g. Incoming/New Student Surveys and Graduate Tracer Surveys
  • Supporting student organizations including the Guild of Students
  • Reporting quality concerns to the Quality Management Teams
  • Becoming an active and engaged alumni
  • Giving back to The UWI


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