About Us

UWI SODECO is an international research entity located in Jamaica at The University of the West Indies, Mona. UWI SODECO is comprised of two parts; Solutions for Medicine (SFM) which focuses on medical research and Solutions for Society (SFS) which is oriented towards solving socioeconomic problems. UWI SODECO is international in its outlook, strategies, networking and operations and leverages its global network to focus on research priorities in developing and poor countries in order to inform better treatments for major health problems, as well as providing solutions to socio-economic problems.


The objectives of UWI SODECO SFM are in line with the United Nations Sustainable Goals (SDGs) as follows

  • Goal 1 No poverty
  • Goal 3 Good health and wellbeing
  • Goal 4 Quality education
  • Goal 10 Reduced inequalities

Achieving the objectives of UWI SODECO brings benefit to poor populations in developing countries and enhances the reputation of The University of the West Indies.

The objectives of UWI SODECO SFS including the goals for SFM and those listed below are in line with SDGs

  • Goal 11 Sustainable cities and communities
  • Goal 13 Climate action
  • Goal 14 Life below water
  • Goal 15 Life on land
  • Goal 17 Partnerships to achieve the goal



UWI SODECO through SFM uses scientific discoveries to prevent, cure or mitigate chronic cardiovascular and metabolic diseases caused by early life adversity arising from malnutrition, and through SFS applies the scientific method to solving significant socio economic problems.


By 2020, UWI SODECO has used global scientific leadership of its network to inform new strategies to prevent and treat cardiovascular and metabolic diseases as well as to increase environmental resilience.  


UWI SODECO is peopled by professionals who are best in class internationally in scientific research, who work to discover the causes and remedies of human cardio-metabolic ill health as well as environmental problems. The UWI SODECO team collaborates to achieve research excellence through attention to training, mentorship and career development, drawing on resources within and from our international research network.


1.  UWI SODECO SFM aims to solve one big medical question: what are the molecular mechanisms underlying the greatly increased risk of obesity, diabetes, hypertension, stroke, heart attack and associated neurocognitive deficits affecting populations, poor for generations, who gain wealth and acquire lifestyles that promote obesity and its co morbidities.

2.  UWI SODECO SFM engages the appropriate stakeholders to ensure its research findings are used to create interventions to prevent or treat these chronic diseases. Interventions are designed to improve clinical management of cardio metabolic disease, reduce cardio metabolic risk, mitigate neurocognitive deficits and inform the design of nutritional supplements, drugs or behavioural change to reduce damage from early life malnutrition.

3.  UWI SODECO SFS approaches problem solving in the socio-economic domains, and convenes appropriately skilled partners to solve other societal problems whose solutions create improvements in society as a whole, especially human capital and economic gain. 

4. UWI SODECO SFS currently has a singular current focus on rehabilitating and protecting coastal forests which contribute greatly resilience to climate change as well as preservation and enhancement of livelihoods of individuals and communities.