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The Aedes aegypti is multiplying rapidly in our region. What is needed on our part is a similarly aggressive and collaborative approach, we must address the threat of Zika as a region. We’ve been here before with Malaria which we successfully eliminated from the Caribbean, and we can do it again...

Prof. Clive Landis, Chair UWI Zika Task Force

Effective public health policy is critical to support the sustained fight against the Zika virus and other epidemics that can potentially affect the small-island states of the Caribbean. Our region’s current vulnerability to vector borne viruses such as Zika virus, Dengue and Chikungunya demands that our response be based on solid scientific research and collaboration at the highest levels. The regional Zika Task Force commissioned by The University of the West Indies will support regional governments in the collaborative bid to develop the required public health policies in battling this common threat.

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