The Cardiff Hall House (popularly called University House), is a small villa in the heart of Runaway Bay, owned by the University of the West Indies.

It was built in 1962 for Sir William Arthur Lewis, then Vice-Chancellor of the University College of the West Indies (now the University of the West Indies), and is said to have been a ‘stopover’ for Dr. Martin Luther King on his first visit to Jamaica in 1965.

The property is open to staff, students, alumni and other affiliates of the University. 

The goal of University House is to establish itself as a great competitor in the northern region of the island for temporary lodging. Its aim is to maintain a steady flow of patrons by creating a ‘get-a-way’ experience, capitalizing on comfort and reasonable rates.



The mission of University House is to create an environment of calm and relaxation at a reasonable cost. We hope to become one of the better and more affordable options in the Runaway Bay area for temporary lodging.




The property has three bedrooms, dining room, living room, kitchen, swimming pool and adequate parking. Each room is equipped with AC unit and a flat-screen television.

The dining area is large enough to accommodate those who prefer a friendly, family atmosphere; and cosy enough for guests who wish for a more private experience,such as a candlelight dinner for two.

The living room caters for every guest: a large LCD television will definitely keep our ‘couch potatoes’ happy; and the spacious design ensures each guest can have their own corner.