Going beyond borders

UWItv is the multimedia public information and education service of The UWI. It aims to globalise the University through the production and distribution of content on common issues, concerns and socio-economic priorities in our region and the wider Caribbean diaspora. Through leveraging 21st century technologies, regional audiences and those within the Caribbean diaspora can experience a greater sense of inclusion as they can now connect to The UWI in the comfort of their living spaces.

This has allowed The UWI to continue to be at the forefront of access to higher education through traditional and non-traditional media platforms. These platforms provide The UWI community and the general public with comprehensive services including education, research, advocacy, and policy formation. It is this education through connectivity that inches the region closer to a more substantive democracy which must be achieved through an educated citizenry.

UWItv has also engaged in strategic activities and established notable partnerships to better serve The UWI and the wider region. These partnerships include the broadcast arrangements between UWItv and the United Nations (UN), the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB), CARICOM and the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ). Furthermore, UWItv has collaborated with UNICEF, UNESCO, and the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank (ECCB).

The significance of UWItv as a reputable media entity has also been recognised by the Caribbean Broadcasting Union as it was inducted into membership of the union as an associate member, during the union's 50th Annual General Assembly in San Andres Island, Colombia.

UWItv's Managing Director, Janet Caroo, expressed her enthusiasm in making a broader contribution to the region.

Ultimately, The UWI's strategic pivot into the media and broadcast space is essential. This decision has provided the region with a media entity that can lend itself to educational, democratic, and developmental outcomes and assures that the eyes of the Caribbean can be on Caribbean-generated content.