Our Caribbean response

As an SDG-engaged university, in the period under review The UWI continued to prioritise building partnerships and connecting knowledge to opportunities for multi- stakeholder development solutions with a Caribbean focus.

We continued to embrace the ethos of a fine university, understanding that we exist not to serve ourselves but to serve the needs of our regional community.

This firm belief has been the driver of our interventions within the region, in a period wracked not only by the effects of the pandemic, but also by cataclysmic natural events such as the La Soufrière eruptions.

We also continue to march at the vanguard of the battle to save our region from the disastrous consequences of climate change. We are proud to be a voice for climate advocacy and were honoured to play a significant role in COP26 interventions.

We remain dedicated to the revitalisation of our Caribbean economies for post-COVID success in areas such as tourism, the blue economy, technological evolution, etc.