About the Center

About the Center

The SUNY UWI Center for Leadership and Sustainable Development is the product of joint collaboration between two major educational institutions which are deeply committed to the development and growth of their respective constituents and to the well-being of humanity.

In so doing they have expanded on the previous areas of collaboration in Education and Teacher Training, Special Education, Open and Distance Education, Energy Efficiency and Sustainability, Renewable Energy, Climate Change, and Health including Chronic Non-Communicable Diseases to establish this unit.

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Center goals

At the Center, joint teams of UWI and SUNY expert teams will take a multidisciplinary approach and draw on external expertise as appropriate to advance the following goals:

Center Approach


To create and offer Continuous Professional education, Bachelor's Programmes and Postgraduate Programmess in leadership and sustainable development


Solutions-oriented research


To engage and partner with other organisations and the community in advocacy around the attainment of Sustainable Development Goals


To establish a network of experts that will inform on the work of the Center, allowing it to effectively advance its goals.


To facilitate the birth and development of a think tank

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