Message from the Director, Office of Global Partnerships and Sustainable Futures

Multilateralism and multi-stakeholder partnerships are without a doubt at the heart of our global pursuit of sustainable development. It is therefore a distinct pleasure for The University of the West Indies (The UWI) to have partnered with the UNDP to launch this much-needed virtual resilience space as a research and knowledge repository for the Caribbean’s climate-smart and resilient action.

At The UWI, we understand the important interconnection between SDG-4 (Quality Education) and SDG-13 (Climate Action), as we continue to build leadership capacity and technical expertise for tackling climate change. Our Global Institute for Climate Smart and Resilient Development (GICSRD) is a tangible representation of our commitment to harness the best assets of our Caribbean academe in support of the 2030 global developmental agenda.

As the Caribbean’s leading university, educating the next generation is an important part of our mission and we will continue to mainstream climate-smart approaches and sustainable pathways for resilient development. We are confident that the programmes and initiatives out of the GICSRD will serve to advance understanding of the multifaceted nature of climate-change, particularly its disproportionate effects on small island developing states in the Caribbean; make available cutting-edge facilities, products and tools; and birth new standards, technologies and solutions for climate resilience.

We are extremely grateful to the UNDP and to all our collaborating institutions for their readiness to join forces with The UWI and to ensure that our collective action today paves the way for a more sustainable and inclusive society tomorrow.

Dr Stacy Richards-Kennedy
Director – Office of Global Partnerships and Sustainable Futures