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Dr. Jean Ntakirutiman

Linguist and language teacher since 1987, I have obtained a Ph.D. and an M.A. in Linguistics from University of Montreal. I have a B.A. in African Linguistics and literatures, with specialty in 1st and 2nd Language Teaching, from University of Bujumbura.

As a language specialist, my research activities are guided by the multi-level nature of words, and are, thus, conducted on different levels. They involve a multi‑range analysis of words, from their minimal sound structures (phonetics) to their complex values in textual databases. Between these two poles, my interdisciplinary work also explores other linguistic domains such as morpho-lexicology, lexicography, terminography, syntax, semantics, stylistics and translation, language learning and language contact, inspired by new trends in the area of ecolinguistics.

One particular area where my fascination for words has been more inspiring is new information and communication technologies (NICT), as applied to lexicon processing, which have driven my core research interest in computer aided lexicography and terminography, textual databases (also called Corpus Linguistics), Machine Translation, and other related domains of Natural Language Processing.