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UWI Museum’s Blog Series “Disease & Epidemics in the Caribbean” Continues

UWI Museum’s Blog Series “Disease & Epidemics in the Caribbean” Continues

In response to the global pandemic, the UWI Museum issued a call for blog submissions to the wider Caribbean community to provide short and accessible histories on the diseases and epidemics in the region. This call generated submissions from the Dutch, English, Spanish & French Caribbean including the Caribbean coast of Latin America. If you were not able to follow the blogs click the links below to read the articles:

“Disease & Epidemics in the Caribbean: An introduction” –  https://wp.me/pc1ewL-L

“Cholera Epidemic in Puerto Rico & COVID-19” – https://wp.me/pc1ewL-1m

“Memories of the Barbados Epidemic of 1854” – https://wp.me/pc1ewL-1r

“Athol Island Quarantine Station in the Bahamas” – https://wp.me/pc1ewL-1v

“Epidémies et quarantaines en Guadeloupe au 19ème siècle/

Epidemics & Quarantines in 19th Century Guadeloupe”- https://wp.me/pc1ewL-1y

“Jamaica’s Infectious Disease Hospital: Bumper Hall, St. Andrew” – https://wp.me/pc1ewL-1C

“The Yellow Fever Pandemic in Vernon’s Fleet 1738 – 1748” – https://wp.me/pc1ewL-2a

“Hookworm Infection as a Silent Disaster in Late Colonial Suriname” – https://wp.me/pc1ewL-1M

“Abraham James’ “Johnny New-Come”: Propaganda and Yellow Fever in Colonial Jamaica” – https://wp.me/pc1ewL-2Y

“A Perfect Storm: Epidemic Disease in Barbados 1916 – 1921” – https://wp.me/pc1ewL-3j

“Un Virus y Un Canal/A Virus and A Canal”: https://wp.me/pc1ewL-2p

“Abraham James’ Johnny New-come’: Propaganda & Yellow Fever in Colonial Jamaica” –https://wp.me/pc1ewL-2Y

“A Perfect Storm: Epidemic Disease in Barbados 1916 – 21” – https://wp.me/pc1ewL-3j

“Groundings from the Life & Times of Mary Seacole” – https://wp.me/Pc1ewL-6

“The Cinchona Tree, Quinine, Jamaica and the Malaria Connection” – https://wp.me/pc1ewL-3w

“Dispatches from the Remote Classroom in the Age of Covid-19” – https://wp.me/pc1ewL-3N

“The Yellow Fever Outbreak of 1954 and The Trinidad Regional Virus Laboratory (TRVL)” – https://wp.me/pc1ewL-3Y

“Parallels between COVID-19 & Influenza” – https://wp.me/pc1ewL-4k

Special shout out to the Historical Society of Guadeloupe & Jeremy Young, who has been translating our posts to French so members of their community can access the information. The series will continue into September. Sign up for our special series at https://diseaseandepidemicsincaribbeansocieties.wordpress.com/

Remember – Wear your mask, wash your hands & practice physical distancing.


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