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UWI: Honouring our Women

UWI: Honouring our Women

Dr Reid’s recollection of U(C)WI Chancellor, Princess Alice and her time at UWI

As we celebrate International Women’s Day, the UWI Museum would like to recognize Dr Apollone Reid, an alumnus of The University of the West Indies who has done and continues to do an exceptional job at making her loved ones, alma mater, her country, and her fellow women proud. Dr Reid is one of the early pioneering students of the University Hospital School of Physical Therapy. Established in 1972 as an adjunct to the University of the West Indies, it was later transferred to the Faculty of Medical Sciences to become the fifth section of the Department of Basic Medical Science in 2005. After completing her Bachelor’s degree, which at the time was granted by the University Hospital of the West Indies, Dr Reid moved to the United States , where her physiotherapy knowledge and skills proved to be high in demand. She returned to Jamaica in 1995 and resumed her academic journey at The UWI where she did her master’s degree in Public Health. Further studies led to the completion of her Ph.D. at Walden University.

Outside of her career responsibilities, Dr Apollone Reid is a philanthropist who believes in giving back to her country. She has been influential in the development of benevolent organizations such as JAMASOCA, which is geared at aiding less privileged Jamaican communities. Additionally, she served as a trustee on the board of the Atlanta Jamaican Association and during her tenure, assisted in securing donations of medical equipment to hospitals in Jamaica. One major project Dr Reid is currently working on is the establishment of The Jamaican Museum and Cultural Center, of which she is the co-founder and chairperson. The Museum’s mandate is to investigate, compile, and document the history of Jamaica over the years; and collaborate with other cultures in the Caribbean. With each project she undertakes, Dr Apollone Reid makes an indelible mark not only on the lives of specific individuals or organizations but also on society. Indeed she is a woman worth celebrating. Happy International Women’s Day to ALL women!

Let us continue to celebrate our women and promote gender equality.



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