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UWI Grooming the Youths

UWI Grooming the Youths

The UWI continues its efforts to engage its students in impactful projects and discussions that can fuel growth both personally and professionally. On Thursday May 5, 2022, UWI Mona’s Guild President, Danielle Mullings led one such discussion where she interviewed Mari Pangestu, Managing Director of Development Policy and Partnerships, World Bank about the role of the World Bank in COVID-19 recovery, the evolution of Pangestu’s career, and advice for students who wish to pursue careers in Development. Miss Mullings confidently steered an informative and captivating discussion that shed light on various roles of the World Bank in developing countries, opportunities for students and young professionals, and the policies and guidelines under which the World Bank operates. The event which aired on UWI TV accommodated questions from both the virtual and in-person audience.

Prior to the interview Dr Pangestu and her team first stopped by the UWI Museum where they were given a tour by Curator, Dr Shani Roper. It was one interactive session where all parties engaged in lively conversations as they sought to learn more about the region and this very young but academically and professionally mature institution.


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