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Ethiopia. A Celebration of Diversity is the exhibition on at the UWI Museum this month. It’s accompanied by a 2012 documentary titled Rastas’ Journey ‘Home’ and the photographer and filmmaker Maria Stratford is in house for the journey also.
The slideshow gives a peek into the mounting of the exhibition and the launch of the documentary which will be showing in the space. Dr Stratford, an Australian national who lived in Jamaica in 1976-77 when she was a member of the Twelve Tribes, travelled to Ethiopia in 2008, 2009 and 2012 when she shot the film as part of her PhD work. She’s looking forward to continue engaging with visitors while she’s here.
Click to view slideshow.
Issues relating to the diversity of Ethiopia, the needs and viewpoints of the Rastafarians living there, and the extent of change taking place over even short timespans, were among the issues discussed at the launch.
Thanks to Adrian Green of the UWI Archives for helping Dr Stratford mount the show.


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