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Part 6: Do you know this building? YES!

Part 6: Do you know this building? YES!

Across from where this UCWI student sits in her brightly coloured red gown is a unique structure. It is one of the first permanent buildings of the University. With the increase in the student population and the need for modernization, the old Gibraltar camp building which once served a similar purpose had to be replaced. Within less than five years of the University’s existence preparations were made for the construction of this building. Today, it is part of one of the largest faculties of the Mona campus – both in physical size and number of enrolled students.

If you know the location of this building or its name, please leave your response in the comments section. The answer will be posted next week with more information and pictures.

This is the Chemistry building in the Faculty of Pure & Applied Sciences (now Science & Technology)


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