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Part 5: Do you know this building? Yes!

Part 5: Do you know this building? Yes!

Nestled among the historic remains of the University of the West Indies Mona Campus is an aged building which served several generations over the years.

Photo from the UWIM Owen Minott Collection

Unlike other structures of similar age and younger, this building has survived the modernization of the Mona Campus. It is the longest surviving historic building which is still in use on the Campus. What accounts for its survival and not that of other structures like the first lecture room is unclear. Though not the focus of this article, issues of conservation/preservation will always be a concern of heritage institutions and experts. While we are saddened that other structures did not survive we are happy we can access this one visually and physically.

As you seek to identify this structure, remember that historic buildings and memorials illustrate collective memory, our growth and accomplishment over the years. We cannot change the past but the knowledge of the past can help us to shape a better future.

Please leave your response in the comments section. The name and location of this structure will be posted in a follow up article next week.

Wear your mask, physical distance and keep safe. Have a wonderful weekend.

The building in the photograph is the Mona Estate Bookkeeper’s Cottage

Based on the architectural design it is believed that the building dates back to the 1700s – the sugar era. To learn more about this structure you can visit the UWI Archives blog where there is an article about the bookkeeper’s cottage.


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