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Part 4: Do you know this building? YES!

Part 4: Do you know this building? YES!

Old Chemistry Building – Owen Minott Collection

On Monday, October 4, 1948, the first lecture was delivered by Chemistry Professor Cedric Hassell in a classroom next to the building in the photograph. This building, along with the first classrooms, was situated along the Old Gibraltar stores block, which is now the site of Founder’s Park. 

Its similarity in architectural style and colour makes it identifiable with the Old Library and the Old Dramatic Theatre, however, unlike these structures which have stood the test of time and modernization, the Old Chemistry building did not survive. Hurricane Gilbert ravished the building and the other lecture rooms in 1988, and in 2001 the remains of this structure and the first lecture room was demolished. 

Thanks to Dr Owen Minott, we are still able to access these structures through the visual records he created. 

For more information on the early years of the University you can watch this video of Dr Al Walwyn speaking about his time at UCWI.

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