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Melissa Jack’s Story

Melissa Jack’s Story

My name is Melissa Jack and I’m currently a Year 4 Medical Student at The UWI ST. Augustine Campus (STA). I am a 24-year-old national of Trinidad and Tobago who enjoys Music and Sports. I am the UWI STA Guild Faculty of Medical Sciences Representative and the Medical Sciences Student Council Chairperson for the year 2021-2022. Additionally, I am also the Public Relations Officer for the Mt. Hope Surgical Society and the National Exchange Officer (NEO) for the Standing Committee on Professional Exchange (SCOPE) within the Trinidad and Tobago Medical Students Association (TTMSA). 

Outside of the FMS, I am a steelpan instrumentalist and music educator. In 2017, I founded and became the musical arranger for the Arima Boys’ and Girls’ R.C Steel Orchestra for the National Junior Panorama Competition where we competed during 2017-2019. As a past pupil of Arima Girls’ R.C schools, I wanted to give back within the school environments that have been instrumental in my development. Currently, I have established the brand ‘The Medic Muse’ where I have been able to combine my passions for both Medicine and Music in several ways. 

 My passion for medicine can in some ways literally be traced back to my birth. Having been born with ‘cross-eye’ as society likes to say, I would have been a frequent visitor to various hospitals and ophthalmologists throughout my life. To preserve my eyesight and prevent possible blindness I had a successful eye surgery at about 4 years of age. Thus, ever since I could remember I have been fascinated by the human eye and wanted to join and give back within the very profession that has already made such an impact on my life. After completing my secondary schooling at St. Joseph’s Convent St. Joseph, I had to decide whether to pursue Music or Medicine. Despite being a hard decision, I decided to steer the medical path as it allowed me to pursue this lifelong career goal, but still allowed me ways to pursue my musical love. This is where my name The ‘Medic Muse’ originates from as it combines the two things that inspire me to make a difference and have a positive impact in people’s lives. I like to think that medicine allows you to heal the physical body, but music heals the soul. 

One thing I have always advocated for is that students be more than the sum of their degrees. Simply put, we must aim to be all-rounded, holistic members of society and this is where I can attribute my accomplishments to. By involving myself in a range of activities within and outside the scope of medicine, I have been able to become a better student and leader.

Currently, my medical interests lie within the fields of Ophthalmology as outlined above and Sports Medicine. Throughout my school life, I have been actively involved in various sports and thus gained an appreciation for injury prevention and the role of sports doctors in teams at the school, club, and national levels. 

My path thus far is one that has been guided by my passions and desire to be a positive beacon to anyone that I encounter.

~Melissa Jack



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